The Ministry of Education urges the media to refrain from sensationalising news and do thorough research to avoid causing confusion during these trying times.

This comes after a story in the Fiji Times on 17 July 2020 claiming that Navunikabi Catholic School students from Saliadrau village have to cross a river to attend school accompanied by a misleading picture of students crossing a stream carrying mattresses.

Navunikabi Catholic School has been provided all grants from the Ministry and parents have been informed that students can start boarding as the Fiji Education Grant to the school was released on 26 June, well before the start of the second term.

A letter to the head teacher of the school from the School Committee stated that the parents would like the children to start boarding from 20 July.This is a decision taken by the parents and students do not have to travel to school daily.

There is full provision for students to board at the school including funds, food stock and other boarding items.29 students were accommodated in the school hostel in Term 1 and the school has been ready to accommodate them since 6 July 2020.

This is very irresponsible and misleading journalism designed to prey on the emotions of good-hearted Fijians and must stop.We are in a time when resources must be appropriately and strategically designated to ensure the long-term safety of all Fijians and irresponsible reports such as this end up hurting communities.

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