FMF’s Managing Director, Mr Ram Bajekal was the guest speaker for the webinar who spoke on key areas of their business strategy and on how they catered for the demand during COVID.

“It’s critical to restructure our supply chains during the COVID period, we experienced a dip and with change in schedules in shipment and air freights but we picked up and our exports were significantly higher with 30% growth this year. We are refocusing on our regional markets and have introduced new products especially for the Melanesian market.”

Mr Bajekal stated that exporters need to re-strategize and remain optimistic during these uncertain times for small and large businesses and navigate their way through opportunities.

Mr Strong added that Investment Fiji is ready to assist exporters in need to connect with new markets and build their capacity for high niche products.

“This period gives us reflective time to plan and build on our connections with our trading partners and new exporters.”

Mr Bajekal has been with FMF for 11 years. FMF exports products to more than 20 countries including Australia, New Zealand, all Pacific Island countries, United States and Canada, with six subsidiary companies under its wing.

It has grown into an integrated food company, using its expertise in milling to expand into rice, peas, biscuits, instant noodles, potato and dalo (taro) chips, and contributes significantly to the local economy by reducing import substitution for the country as much as possible.

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