The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the world economy and the Fijian economy is no exception.

South Pacific Stock Exchange CEO Krishnika Narayan is requesting investors to avoid panic selling in the stock market as that could possibly lead to further losses.

At this point in time it is important to maintain investor confidence in the economy to ensure some sort of economic activity continues.

The South Pacific Stock Exchange is urging investors to tred carefully through the market.

The past few months has showcased a dramatic fall in the stock market activities.

Narayan has confirmed that over the month of April there has been a decline of market capitalization by at least 4 percent.

Investors need to avoid panic selling and make informed market decisions before buying or selling.

At this point in time, Narayan is advising investors to sell into the market only if you think it is absolutely necessary to do so.

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