Investment Fiji’s Trade & Investment Team recently made a site visit to Lami Kava Limited at their headquarters in Veisari on assistance with expanding market access and country regulations on exporting Kava.S

even key market managers updated Lami Kava managing director, Donny Jason Yee on the types of services provided by Investment Fiji and connecting the company to new markets.

Mr Yee is keen to expand his Lami Kava reach to the EU markets, India, NZ and China.

He added the company will soon launch their product with New World and is eager to expand to all markets.

“We are slowly making headway with the UAE market and have some shipments to Utah. During the COVID phase, we faced a 30 percent decline in wholesale and retail while our e-commerce platform spiked an increase.

This shows that people are still interested to purchase kava but need access to pathways.”

The company has two retail outlets and is looking into value-adding their Kava to premium niche products for exclusive markets.

Investment Fiji is assisting the company with labelling and packaging approach to US market as well as connecting to new markets for expansion growth.

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