International School Suva is being pro-active with how it manages the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the education needs of more than 600 students.

The administration planned ahead of the pandemic ensuring their students adapt to online learning even before Fiji registered its first COVID-19 case.

Cathers says the school is considering conducting training to parents to ensure that students learning are not affected during this experience.

The online interactions have been quite active but the effectiveness will be judged on the lesson assessments.

“Students online participation ranged from 85% to 99%,” Cathers said.

Reduced hours and pay cuts are measures that companies have taken to ensure their continuity during this pandemic.

The school reduced their budget from 15 million dollars to 13 million dollars for the same reasons.

ISS is among the many education institutions affected by the COVID-19 crisis with students learning online under the supervision of their parents.

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