About 36 individuals who had suffered serious injury on the job and grieving families of those who have lost their lives while performing their duties were compensated in Suva.

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in handing out the cheques said “it is the hallmark of modern and civilized societies to provide compensation to the injured as payment for their physical injuries that prevent them from working as they once did”.

“Since January 2019, Fiji provides the families of those injured or killed in accidents with compensation through our Accident Compensation Commission Fiji – adding yet another layer of security for those suffering tragic circumstances,” Prime Minister Bainimarama said.

“The payments have increased over time, and today, the compensation for deaths arising from employment-related accidents is $75, 000,” PM added.

“The “no fault” workers compensation scheme is more victim friendly, allowing for compensation cases to be decided quickly and without prolonged investigations. What is important is that a person was injured or killed on the job, and some compensation must be paid.”

“The Fijian Government over the last five years has paid out approximately $8.75 Million as compensation to the workers and dependents of government workers,” PM Bainimarama further added.

“I know that no amount of money can truly compensate you for the suffering you endured, for the loss of a loved one or for the disability you will now carry for the rest of your life. For this, you have my deepest personal sympathy.”

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