The Fiji National University’s ongoing multi-million-dollar infrastructure upgrade and key capital projects is aimed to provide students with an opportunity to study in the best facilities.

during the orientation of new students who joined FNU’s College of Business,
Hospitality and Tourism Studies (CBHTS) and College of Humanities and Education
(CHE), Vice-Chancellor Professor Nigel Healey said the new facilities will
ensure students study in a modern learning environment.

will be the very first batch to study in the new state-of-the-art business school
building, once it is fully completed,” said VC Healey.

have invested a huge amount of money in our facilities in recent years. Just as
you enter the premises, you will notice the new CBHTS building which cost us
about thirty million dollars to complete. We also have the ten million dollar
new sports complex which will be ready soon,” he said.

an FNU student, you now have superfast broadband. I am pleased to inform you
that from now, you will have free unlimited Wi-Fi anywhere in our Campuses and
all our learning materials is just a click away, it’s all available online,”
said the senior academic.

Healey reminded students to remain focused on their academic goals as well as
make the most of their time at FNU.

am sure you are all very excited in embarking the next stage of your life. Some
of you might also be feeling a bit nervous; some of you will be leaving your
families and homes for the first time. Be assured we are here to help and guide
you,” he mentioned.

were also advised to be prepared to get out of their comfort zone and become
more academically independent.

all of you, you have been living a very highly structured, fully timetabled
world as a secondary school student. To come to University, you will be required
to work independently, either alone or in groups to acquire knowledge and
skills and to challenge what you think you know about the world,” he added.

is your opportunity to grow intellectually and personally to become a person
you want to be in your lives.”

of the College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Professor Ram
Karan encouraged students to work hard. He advised students to seek out a wide
range of opportunities on offer to them such as career planning and internships.

enrolment numbers have been growing in recent years. This is a clear indication
that there is a demand for skilled and educated people in the business and
hospitality sector,” said Professor Karan.

Kumar, who will be pursuing Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Information
System programme said the orientation session was both educational and

really good to hear from the Vice-Chancellor and the College Dean that we will
soon have new facilities here. I am already excited about it. As for the
orientation program, I recommend other new students who have enrolled to attend
these important sessions,” said an excited Kumar.

Rabolabiu, a former Gau Secondary School student, enrolled in the Bachelor of
Industrial Arts and Human Resources programme was another new student who
attended the Orientation session.

am counting down the days to begin my tertiary studies. It’s going to be fun
and challenging at the same time,” he said.

sessions will be held at all FNU Campuses and Centres throughout the week.

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