Reflecting and implementing the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed into your lives is the true essence of celebrating his birth. Loving one another, empathizing with people even when they have wronged you and lending a helping hand, the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said, was the true meaning of celebrating the life of the Prophet who lived a simple life and paved the way on how human beings should behave.

Speaking at the Milad un Nabi celebration at the Wainikoro Jame Masjid, the A-G said, “It’s a time to relook at ourselves, what are we doing and how many of us are implementing the teachings of the Prophet in your lives”.

He said for any religion where celebrations are being held, it is important to ensure that the actual teachings and principles are being applied in our daily lives rather than just having a big feast and ignoring the real message of why such an occasion is celebrated in the first place.

“How you live your life, how you interact with people, the respect and your deeds will go with you. Your expensive watch, your suits or the luxurious vehicle that you drive will not be with you when you die but your good deeds will.”

Reflecting on the life of the Prophet, the A-G said the place that the Prophet Mohammed was born in was a place that was embedded in ignorance where women were not treated well, in your household if your wife gave birth to a daughter she had to be buried alive because they did not find a daughter valuable, they did not treat animals well and had tribal wars over small issues.

“This is what was remarkable, you have someone who in his lifetime, from the age of 40 until 63, change the society that was so embedded in ignorance to a society that actually became civilized.”

The Wainikoro Jame Masjid was the first mosque established in the Northern Division by the Girmitiyas from India and opened its doors to worshippers and students in 1911.

Mr Sheikh Abdul Rahman’s father worked with others in the community to establish the mosque that has over the years undergone three renovations.Mr Rahman, in his message during the celebration, thanked the Government for allocating Muslims a public holiday so that they can use it to celebrate the birthday of their Prophet.

He added that while the number of worshippers who offer prayers in the mosque has dwindled due to people moving away from Wainikoro, the mosque is still being used and for major celebrations, people come from far away to participate.

The message emanating from the leaders and religious scholars were simply- live in peace with all communities and do your share for the progress of the nation you call home.

The Assistant Minister for Employment, Youth and Sports, Hon. Alvick Maharaj and Assistant Minister for Sugar, Hon. George Vegnathan were also present at the celebration.

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