The I-247 INTERPOL Information System is now live and the Immigration Department Immigration is now able to access real time information shared by more than 190 member countries.

Commissioner of Police Brigadier General -Sitiveni Qiliho says immigration officials now have direct access to the INTERPOL Information System for officers to conduct real time check, sharing of information on crimes and criminals, names, fingerprints to stolen passports.

He says when a person enters our borders whether at our international airports to ports, details of those arriving can be entered into the INTERPOL Information System and they will know who is wanted by INTERPOL through the records shared by member countries.

Qiliho says the sharing of information is vital, and INTERPOL has for decades assisted the Fiji Police Force in tackling transnational crime.

The Fiji Police has had access to the I-247 system since 2004 and a request made to Government by the Commissioner of Police to extend the database system to the Department of Immigration was approved with funding and facilitated this year.



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