Verbal eviction notices, arbitrary evictions and issuance of written eviction notices which demands tenants to leave their rental flats in a short time span are illegal and violates constitutional right of tenants to freedom from arbitrary evictions.

This has been voiced by the Consumer Council of Fiji after a total of Seventy-five (75) complaints of illegal evictions by landlords were registered at the Council this year.

Council Chief Executive Ms. Seema Shandil has urged landlords to provide proper written and legally binding eviction notices should they choose to evict their tenants.

“While landlords have the right to evict tenants, we are issuing a stern reminder to all landlords to do their due diligence and follow the correct procedures while evicting their tenants.

Proper eviction notices give tenants enough time to look for other accommodation and avoids unnecessary burden on tenants” continued Ms Shandil.

“We are also reminding landlords to issue a proper Tenancy Agreement at the commencement of the tenancy as it sets out agreed terms and conditions relating to the overall tenancy including evictions”

The Council is also urging tenants to issue proper notices before vacating the flat as this will allow landlords to look for new tenants as well as to keep their rental payments up-to-date and take care of their rental property while occupying it.

Tenants facing similar issues are urged to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Council of Fiji via the CCoF mobile app or through the toll-free number 155.

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