The impact of COVID 19 has been felt across the entire global value chain, with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises being at the forefront of long-term economic and social ramifications.

Permanent Secretary for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Shaheen Ali, says his team is working very closely with the various industries and government agencies to get a fair assessment of immediate on the ground impact in order to devise policy redress and incentives.

The International Finance Corporation together with the Ministry of Commerce and Trade have been conducting a brief survey on the impact of the pandemic to the wider Fijian business community.

Permanent Secretary for Commerce, Trade, and Tourism, Shaheen Ali says the survey will be a guide on the challenges faced by different business sectors around the nation due to COVID 19.

The survey is an analysis across all sectors regardless of size.

Ali says the survey has all the facts and figures needed for the revival of industries, and will be available once it has been completed.

The Ministry is aware that COVID-19 has affected all economies in the world and the private sector has suffered greatly with some even going out of business.

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