“Human Trafficking is a Human Rights issue which affects many women and girls over the world”
This was the comments made by the Director of Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission, Ashwin Raj.
He says females suffer the largest impact of violence and forced labour.
 Raj believes women and children are in a place of vulnerability which is one of the many reasons as they suffer most violence.
“There is a growing recognition that human trafficking is essentially a human rights issue and human trafficking disproportionally affects women and girls. They suffer the largest impact in relation to forced labour and sexual exploitation not only in Fiji but in the region as a whole.”
He explained, Fiji has rectified the United Nations Convention against transnational organized crimes with all of its three protocols.
Fiji is now working very closely with UNTOK team to ensure that domestic law is in compliant with international UN protocols on trafficking in person.
A desk review has already taken place and there was a visit by the UNTOK team in March 2019 and it also must be noted that in Fiji the Offence of trafficking is already a crime under the crimes act. And the crimes act have very very comprehensive procedures in place 
Raj explained the need is largely to educate people about Human rights and the reasons for human trafficking.
“You know there needs to be a lot more awareness, it’s important that our law enforcement agencies understand what constitutes human trafficking under the crimes act. As i have said, we have got a very very robust legislation in relation to human trafficking. It’s a matter of raising awareness. I think the office of the Director of public prosecution is doing a tremendous amount of work in that area.”
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