The Human Rights and Anti Discrimination Commission will continue to work with the Fiji Corrections Service in ensuring penal reform that is consistent with human rights and human dignity and applied consistently to all prisoners regardless of their status.

In particular, the Commission will continue to engage with the Fiji Corrections Services in ensuring compliance with the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners also known as the ‘Mandela Rules’.

The Mandela Rules provide guidance on the rehabilitation and just and humane treatment of prisoners.

Clearly prisoners must be afforded the right to rehabilitation and dignified reintegration into society and at the same time victims must be able to heal without stigmatization.

This calls for a larger conversation between the justice system, civil society and the wider community. 

It is equally reprehensible that those that are empathetic to Naisilasila have taken to the social media and subjected individuals who have questioned the decision of the Fiji Corrections Service to the most vile form of hate speech and debasement.

Individuals have been attacked on the basis of their race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation.

Social media posts calling for the rape or racial and sexual vilification of anyone for speaking out must be reported to the Fiji Police Force.

The Human Rights and Anti Discrimination Commission hope that the cybercrime unit takes these complaints seriously and investigates these posts. It is not only an assault on human dignity, it is contrary to the constitutional right to be free from hate speech.

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