The Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission is conducting an independent investigation into the alleged assault of a 31-year-old man in Nausori by police  on Saturday 8 August.  

An investigation team from the Commission visited Nausori to conduct a preliminary investigation.

The team met with the complainant to ascertain critical information. Interviews will be conducted in the next few days.  The Commission has also written to the Internal Affairs of the Fiji Police Force earlier today seeking an update on the alleged incident in Nausori. 

The Commission is also investigating the alleged assault of a cane cutter by officers of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces in Labasa  as reported by The Fiji Times.

The Commission is in contact with the Labasa Police Station seeking further information regarding the case.  

These allegations raise serious concerns about abuse of authority by law enforcement officers.

The Commission reiterates that law enforcement agencies cannot break the law to uphold the law. They cannot violate fundamental rights that the state has an obligation both under the constitution as well as international law to uphold.

The Commission welcomes the call by the Acting Police Commissioner to investigate this incident and the Commission hopes the Fiji Military Forces will also call for prompt, thorough and transparent investigation into the alleged incident in Labasa.

If these allegations are found to be true, officers responsible must be held accountable without impunity.  The Commission also encourages the members of the public to report such incidences. 

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