The Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association is optimistic that the 2020 to 2021 budget address will incorporate pragmatic approaches to assisting the industry.

The Association said in a statement that the budget should help the industry recover from the impact of the tourism and associated economic slump caused by COVID-19.

Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association CEO Fantasha Lockington hopes government gives due consideration to Association’s submissions on behalf of tourism operators for targeted relief from import and excise duties and tax structures on top-line revenue.

Lockington says these types of measures will go a long way to reducing overhead costs and enable better packaging options to offer real value for money that will in turn make Fiji more attractive when the borders reopen.

In the meantime, it will present better value options for Fijians who are participate in the “Love our Locals” campaigns.

Lockington says the Association acknowledges and appreciates Government’s key role in assisting the tourism industry to make recovery as quick as possible.

Business recovery for tourism delivers socio-economic benefits, we make more jobs available and tourism’s multiplier effects can benefit communities throughout Fiji.

The Association looks forward to cooperating with Government and our national carrier, Fiji Airways, to return tourism to its rightful place as the key driver of economic growth in Fiji.

The Association believes there are unique opportunities to stimulate the economy by introducing policies that provide stimulus and accelerate growth by incentivising job retention, sustaining SME’s and protecting vulnerable groups and will promote more investment in the tourism industry and encourage existing ones to grow and develop further.

The Association says it accepts the current situation is difficult for all concerned and that the faster they get back to bringing tourism businesses back on line, the faster they work on recovery and provide hope for the tens of thousands of tourism workers who are now struggling.

Any efforts that the budget addresses that directly contributes to the ease of doing business, the cost of doing business, that incentivizes growth, renovation and development would be welcomed.

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