An hours-long hostage siege ended in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk on Tuesday night after President Volodymyr Zelensky met one of the alleged gunman’s unusual demands — to endorse a 2005 documentary about humanity’s abuse of animals.

A man armed with a rifle and grenades hijacked a bus with 13 people on board on Tuesday morning, claiming he had placed explosives in the vehicle and in another remote location, which he could detonate remotely, according to security officials.T

he man, identified by the authorities as 44-year-old Maksym Kryvosh and who used the nickname Maxim the Bad posted an “anti-system” manifesto on social media, demanding that dozens of government officials admit to being “terrorists,” among other things. In the first hours of the siege, Kryvosh allegedly opened fire and threw a grenade at the police, according to the Ukraine Interior Ministry.

The National Police of Ukraine later said its specialists had managed to defuse the grenade and it didn’t explode.


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