Fiji Rugby Development Unit held a 2 days development programme in Yacata Island, Vanua Levu.

The programme is part of their outreach in developing the sport and its values to outer Islands and region around the country.

The 2 day programme introduced level one coaching course and match officiating to the villagers and teachers at the local school, providing an opportunity for them to further develop their local team or take up coaching or referee as a career path.

Children of Yacata for the first time ever were introduced to Quick Rip and Get Into Rugby where they were taught on the basics and values of the game.

FRU Development Manager Koli Sewabu explained that the gist of it is getting members of the community especially the young ones to develop their knowledge in rugby whilst adhering along with its values.

“We introduce the Quick Rip activities which talks about the rugby, health and lifestyles to the whole community in Yacata.”

Sewabu added that the aim is for the community members to develop the knowledge of healthy living, “and ensuring they live a healthy lifestyle and take sports along that in terms of physical exercise.”

FRU Development sets their focus more into the holistic view of development rather than just focusing on rugby alone.

The outreach initiative by FRU Development is based on the idea of ensuring the development of the whole person looking into their mental, social, and physical aspect rather than just focusing on the development of the sport alone.

Therefore communities around the country can adopt these values and also incorporate that into the social structure within their community, which can also take away some current social issues we’re facing within our community.
The programme ended on Friday with the coaching process, coach’s practical session and finish off with Rugby clarity drills for the Yacata rugby club.

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