The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Gerard McCoy QC SC last week (28.4.20) in Hong Kong.

Gerard “Gerry” McCoy was one of the heavyweights of the legal profession appearing in high profile cases in many jurisdictions including in Fiji, where he was the lead prosecutor in the George Speight treason trial in 2003 and the lead counsel in the Qarase v Bainimarama case in 2007. He contributed to the reform of Fiji’s Penal Code (now the Crimes Act) and provided advice, counsel, and assistance in many forms to Fiji for more than 20 years.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Christopher Pryde, said:

“Gerry was a man of great intellect, wit, humour, and generosity. I had a professional and personal relationship with him over many years and he was responsible for getting me involved with work in Fiji.

It was always exhilarating to see him perform in court as he teased out a deft legal argument or subtly sprang a trap for an unsuspecting witness. Intellectual drama was often mixed with grand theatrics and he possessed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law with an ability to recite and apply any number of case precedents when required.

He loved Fiji and always held the country and its people in high regard and close to his heart. He will be missed.”

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