The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is looking at alternative source markets to supply medicine that is running low.

Minister for Health Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete urges members of the public to raise their concerns with ministry officials if they are facing issues with accessing medicine at local hospitals.

The Ministry of Health is aware of the shortage of medicinal drugs in pharmacies.

“There are certain challenges with certain drugs because the issue with our freight issues because some of the important countries that were making drugs were on lockdown for particular periods but the experts have been working with the doctors on the ground to look at alternatives that can be used.”

Members of the public are urged to let the ministry know, if they are facing difficulty in accessing medicine that they really need.

“Free medicine scheme in place. But it’ll be interesting to know in particular if anyone has any particular concerns about not being able to receive medicine-they are more than welcome to let us know- we also have a complaints line-that can raise with us what their issues are and we will deal with it.”

The Ministry has been working hand in hand with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Fiji Airways.

“There are challenges worldwide because of freight- freight is an issue worldwide also the challenges worldwide at the moment is because some of the areas that have been under lockdown in other countries are the ares where they are making the drugs.But we’ve been quite fortunate that our Fiji Pharmaceuticals and Ba Medical Services procurement arm under the Ministry of Health- their budget line has remained as it is so they were able to purchase, specially with COVID19 they’ve had more.”

The ministry will reach out to those countries that make medicinal drugs used in Fiji.

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