Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has highlighted that under the Bula Bubble health risks will be managed.

The A-G speaking on Fiji’s Economic Recovery Plan at a post-budget discussion- organised by the Fiji Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “Because for us it is managing the health risk and managing the economic risk and economic opportunities.”

“New Zealand in a few weeks will be COVID contained unless there is a certain outbreak in the community.”

The A-G added that when a country becomes COVID contained travelling would be more relaxed.“At this time I would advise that they do not go into quarantine, they simply do a COVID test and 48 to 72 hours after that they can get on a plane, get off at the airport, go to a resort of their choice, not a designated one, and spend their holiday.”

The A-G said if an Australian visitor wants to come to Fiji for a holiday, they go into their 14-day quarantine which they can do at home, they have a COVID-19 test and if it’s negative within 14 hours they can jump on a plane and come to Fiji.

“They’ll be separated from everybody else because we don’t want contamination from one to the other.”“Then they will get off at the airport, there will be a designated transport, along what we call the VIP lanes and then they’ll go to designated resorts,” he said.

The A-G added that staff staying in those resorts will have to stay on those premises.“They cannot come to work in the morning then simply go back to the village, go back to their home because there is some chance of contamination.”

“So we have created the resort as a bubble, the transportation system as a bubble and the airport as a bubble. That is what’s offered.”

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