A Harvest Strategy Workshop was opened this morning by the Permanent Secretary for Fisheries, Craig Strong at the Novotel Convention Centre in Lami.

The workshop which is being facilitated by SPC and FFA is designed to assist the Ministry and the Fishing Industry in capacity building so that a collaborative and consistent approach can be taken in developing strategies that manage and sustain Fiji’s Fisheries.

Speaking to the participants, Strong said that the workshop complements the work that needs to be undertaken in developing the harvest strategy with Fiji’s Chairmanship of the WCPFC South Pacific Albacore Group.

Strong further added that the timing of Harvest Strategy Workshop is extremely advantageous particularly with the work that the Ministry has now undertaken with the execution of her new Strategic Development Plan.

In closing, Strong reinforced the importance of the work that would be undertaken over the next two days also thanked the Pacific Community and FFA advisors for their support.

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