Women continue to be significantly underrepresented in security sector across the Asia Pacific region.

A Global Study indicates that on average women comprise only three percent of the military in the UN missions.

Women who led peacekeeping operations, or operations with women officers, have increased the credibility of forces, managed to gain access to communities and vital information, and has resulted in an increase in the reporting of sexual and gender based crimes.

Increasing women’s participation in peacekeeping is recognized as a critical factor for the overall success of missions.

From gathering intelligence, identifying hot spots for patrolling and providing relief and rehabilitation services to survivors of violence, UN Peacekeepers rely heavily on engaging with the community.

The women officers are more likely and capable of gaining access to and trust of the community. They also have greater awareness of women’s vulnerabilities and needs.

Their presence in mission areas inspire members of the local community and can be an opportunity to model more equitable gender relations.

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