Ovalau has a lot of potential that can be utilised to improve rural livelihoods. 

This was highlighted by Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Hon.Inia Seruiratu following the conclusion of the two-day tour of the Eastern Division by the Hon. Prime Minister yesterday. 

He said Government had undertaken projects in Ovalau and it looked forward to continuation of more developments in the coming financial year. 

“This is where the coordination with key agencies is critical because Ovalau has a lot of resources that can be well utilised to improve the rural communities’ livelihoods and of course contribute to the growth and development of the country,” Hon. Seruiratu said. 

Minister Seruiratu and other Cabinet Ministers had accompanied the Hon. PM on his tour. During the tour, the Government delegation visited rural communities on Ovalau and also met and listened to members of the public about some of their concerns. 

There were issues concerning infrastructure developments and improvements, rural electrification, communication, water and environmental issues that were raised during the talanoa sessions. Hon. Seruiratu said the tour had been “very successful and fruitful”. 

“It was an opportunity to visit the projects that have been completed and at the same time, hold discussions with the rural communities and key stakeholders of Ovalau, the business community, the administrators in Levuka and of course Government officials and other stakeholders.” 

“We have also had the opportunity to listen to the rural communities. Of course there are issues in regards to Government’s services that need to be addressed and we have given the assurance to them that we will continue to work on the services that need to be improved and of course ensuring that no one is left behind.” 

“We have heard the civil servants as well.

There were some issues that they did raise that Commissioner Eastern will look into. 

There are some limitations and constraints in Levuka because of it being a heritage town. The CEO of Levuka Town Council has given his assurance in terms of the facilitation of work, particularly in the renovation of quarters, office buildings and schools.

It is very, very critical for the population here in Levuka; the need for more housing because Government is decentralising its services and a lot of Government officials are moving to Levuka through the various ministries and agencies and they need to be provided with proper housing and offices as well. We will look into their concerns.” 

The two-day tour ended yesterday.

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