Fiji will soon launch an app aimed to further enhance Fiji’s fight against the Coronavirus called the Care Fiji App.

This was announced by the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday.

Under the digitalFIJI initiative, a mobile app called ‘careFIJI’ has been developed that will harness our phones’ Bluetooth technology to make any future contact tracing faster, easier, and more effective. And it will do so all while protecting the privacy of the user.

If enough Fijians use careFIJI, we’ll be able to avoid large-scale lockdowns entirely. More importantly, widespread adoption of careFIJI will help save lives, bring back jobs, and increase confidence among our tourism and trading partners.

Bainimarama says the CARE Fiji App is is similar to that used in Singapore and Australia is currently going through its verification phase before being made available to all Fijians.

“This app comes from the very same technology that has been widely adopted by millions of Singaporeans and Australians in their own fights to contain the virus — meaning that its success will help pave the way to safely re-opening our borders to visitors. When that day comes, tourists will be able to download careFIJI upon landing, giving them the confidence that Fiji has COVID-19 firmly under control.

“We’re aiming to launch a pilot programme of the app as soon as we get approval from the Android PlayStore and Apple AppStore. We need you — every Fijian listening to this address — to download this app when it’s available, just as we need you to continue to adhere to every one of our life-saving directives — because your government cannot win this war alone.”

He adds every Fijian must take up the innitiative to combat this global pandemic.

“Your government cannot make you wash your hands. Your government cannot force you to bring your own bilos to kava sessions. Your government cannot inspect inside your homes to ensure they are clean. We will continue to give advice and directives led by the best available science, but ultimately, it’s up to you to stop the spread. Each of you must choose to make Fiji COVID-free. “

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