National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad says the Prime Minister’s statement that the Government has a flexible plan for schools is laughable.

Professor Prasad says the flexible plan means the Government has no plan for schools and asks whether the cash-strapped Government is sacrificing the education of primary and secondary school students.

He further says that the Government has suggested that Form 6 and Form 7 students will return to school on 30th June but 10 days before this date has not confirmed it. Prasad also says no plans have been announced for younger students.

The NFP Leader says for three months the people of Fiji have accepted restrictions on their movements, their work and their cultural, social and religious lives. He says most have accepted these restrictions willingly, understanding the need for the greater good.

He says what is the point of all the hard work and sacrifice of the last three months if we cannot now return to normal life. He adds as usual, all of Fiji’s people are kept in the dark, the Government does not consult with school owners and managers. Parents cannot plan for childcare. Teachers cannot plan on how to catch up with their teaching loads.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister says he’ll be announcing more on this in the coming days, including on when schools and other venues will reopen. “In the meantime, know that your Government is here for you, especially in these uncertain times.”

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