“You can have all the education and qualifications under the sun, but if you don’t have the passion to work than you should not expect to go far.” These were the words of 37 year old Ms. Janice Reuben, Divisional Land Manager Central Eastern for Ministry of LMR. 

“I will never forget the words of my mentor and the reason I shine today – my father, he kept inspiring me by his words,” “Never lose hope when things do not happen the way you want, always remember God has plans for you which is the best of all,”

Ms. Reuben said. His teaching is one of the keys to my success in the last 14 years to climb the ladder and provide my service in the Civil Service. Ms. Reuben started her career soon after completing her Bachelor of Arts in Land Management & Geography from the University of the South Pacific.  She started with the Ministry of LMR in 2006 as an attaché and was promoted as a Technical Assistant in 2009 climbing the ladder slowly and following her father’s preaching’s. 

“My biggest and greatest achievement was when I got registered as a Valuer in 2011 and got posted as an Acting Principal Valuer in 2016 and later in 2018 when I was confirmed as a Divisional Land Manager Central Eastern.” Ms. Reuben explained that her reason for taking up this career was purely to find equal opportunity in the society and to tackle the problem of gender biasness.    

Moreover, Ms. Reuben is responsible to the Permanent Secretary and respective Divisional Heads for all administration and technical issues of the divisional lands office (Central/Eastern). She oversees the divisional functions at all levels to ensure that the Ministry’s objectives are achieved within the timeframe aligned to the Ministry’s plan. 

“Every day is a challenge especially when dealing with land matters. However, with the knowledge and experience I have gained while working in the Ministry, I am able to tackle all the challenges that comes my way. With new issues and cases, I tend to learn new things every day,” she said. “Working in a male dominated field can also be considered as a challenge but being a woman, I believe it’s a great achievement to reach this level in this industry,” she added. 

“However, if you have the right attitude and commitment towards work, gender and age is not a barrier to success,” she positively highlighted.She added that with the same positive attitude she wishes to reach the next level in a few years’ time. Ms. Reuben who is also a wife and a monther said that is also important to spend quality time with your family.  She also thanked her parents and her husband for always supporting her in every decision she has made. 

“I ensure that I plan my time well and give enough time to my family as well, with the support of my husband I am able to manage both responsibilities,” she said. She says apart from all the support she received, what also helped her to flourish was the eagerness to learn new things, accepting criticism as positive feedback, self-confidence and the respect for time and authority. 

“Finally I would like to advise the youth especially the young women in the country to always believe in yourself and stay true to who you are. If you have right attitude and clear goals you can achieve all your dreams,” she concluded.

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