The Recent Death of a 4 month old baby caught in the middle of a Dispute between her parents over the weekend has been Condemned.

The Alleged Incident had taken place in Nabua.

Fiji Women’s Crisis Center Coordinator- Shamima Ali says we are not doing enough about Prevention of this and everyone is not on the same page in recognizing exactly what Domestic Violence is.

“Actually its a domestic violence situation where this has happened and this is not the first time that it has happened so this only brings to mind that if we don’t do anything to stop the violence that perpetrators against women face in their lives, this are the kind of tragedies we will looking at and its very tragic and sad”

Ali believes this recent Tragic Incident involving the death of a 4 month old baby girl has some form of Past Violence involved. She added intoxication is not a Cause of Violence but its definitely a Contributing Factor

According to Police, the post mortem examination of the 4-month old victim is expected to be conducted today. The suspect remains in custody at the Nabua Police Station

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