The Minister of Economy, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum thanked those businesses in Nadi and all who joined the latest post-budget consultation.

The start of this month marked the start of a new chapter for our economy. From 1 August, our new budget’s policies have seen duties fall on everything from food, to clothes to machinery, Fijians can enjoy big savings in buying or building their first homes, and many taxes are lowered or gone altogether –– like the now-abolished stamp duty.

With foreign reserves at a healthy $2.3 billion, bank liquidity at nearly $1 billion, and interest rates poised to fall, we have good reason to be confident in our economic comeback. Now, it’s time to be proactive, and actually turn that positive outlook into new and sustained sources of employment, strong consumer spending, new construction, and the start of new businesses.

The Attorney General said that we built this budget in close consultation with Fijians from all levels of society, and we will continue to work with everyone to see its policies achieve the greatest good.

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