The Fiji Rugby Union farewelled one of its long serving Development Officers and former Flying Fijian Alifereti Mocelutu last week.

Mocelutu has taken up a new appointment with the Solomon Island Rugby Union Federation to head all the development programs around the Solomon Islands. His role will also include the set up and implementation of a Development Strategic and Operation in a short and long perspective.

Speaking to FRU Media, Mocelutu said that his first task at the moment is to liaise with SIRUF executives to appoint new staff and administrators which will assist in the increase of their work force. These new staff members will have specific work areas such as Training and Education and facilitating the mass participation program. He added that the main focus and task would be the development programs and the setting up of programs for schools, clubs and provincial teams.

“My role as the National Development Manager is to upskill coaches in 7s and 15s for them to understand the coaching process, difference between players centered and coach centered (Coaching Style) understanding the values of the game, understanding the principles of rugby (based on contesting position, continuity of play and principles of attack and defense, understanding the Skill and most importantly is understanding the key factor which most coaching and teachings are based during practice and during play” he said.

“My work here is similar to what I did at FRU, but it is also a challenge for me. The FRU is so advanced in terms of game technology, development and the High Performance program, administrative, operational work and hosting tournaments. At the SIRUF I have to start anew.

Mocelutu described soccer as being the dominant sport in the Solomon Islands, but rugby was slowly gaining its momentum.

“The difference with Fiji is that here soccer is the dominant sport but they are switching slowly and adjusting. We plan to set up a 4 year strategic plan in the development program and work from there and see where we will be in the next 4 to 6 years.”

The former Flying Fijian said that his decision to move on from Fiji Rugby was in good faith and that he wanted the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with SIRFU.

“I have been with the Fiji Rugby Union for 7s years and I felt that it was time to move on and most importantly share my knowledge and experience to a tier 3 nation. I would like to thank the FRU for upskilling my knowledge to another level.”

“During my term there I learnt a lot with the assistance of the World Rugby Workshops and OSEP Training. This has contributed to my planning, thinking and delivery capacity.”

“It took me two weeks think about my decision carefully with my family before I tendered in my resignation. I miss Fiji Rugby a lot but you never know I might sharpen my knowledge and move SIRUF to another level and return to share my knowledge with FRU.”

“I would like to thank the CEO, National Development Manager and staff members of the FRU for having me for the last 7 years as part of the Fiji Rugby family. I would like to wish Fiji Rugby the very best in the near future.”

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