Flying Fijians star half-back Frank Lomani has regarded himself as one of the fortune players who have been given a chance to play in the Autumn Nations Cup in Europe next month.

Lomani said “It was a dream of so many former Flying Fijians reps to play in this tournament and now we have been given the opportunity so we have to make sure we do everything right and show them that we deserve to be in the tier one category.”

The Savusavu native is looking forward to joining his overseas based brother later this month.

He said “Every-time when I’m called up to be in the team, I’m always excited and looking forward to it.

I can’t wait to join the team in Europe because when we get together the team spirit lifts up.”

Lomani added that he is exciting and ready to be coached by Vern Cotter.

“I have heard a bit about Vern Cotter that he is a good coach and straight forward with the boys so I’m looking forward to working with him and I hope we can perform well during the tour” said Lomani.

After returning from Australia last month, Lomani has been training with the local based Flying Fijians at the HPU Gym in Suva.

He has appreciated the hard-work done by these local players and said they will surely lift up to expectations during the tour.

“Even these few days I have been with them, I can say these boys deserve to be here.

Watching Skipper Cup, they have put their hands up and have performed very well in their respective provincial teams” he said.

Lomani has become a vital member of Flying Fijians since the Rugby World Cup last year.

Flying Fijians coach Vern Cotter has hinted that Lomani could be one of their senior players leading the pack in Europe.

Lomani said “When I play I always say my role is to control the pace of the game.

As soon as you put up the white jersey your regarded as a Flying Fijian, you are not senior nor junior we are all the same and we should make sure when we play we are making our country and family proud.”

The former Savusavu Secondary School student was part of the Melbourne Rebels and played a key role in Super Rugby.

He said his knowledge as grown as a half-back.

“I had a good season with the Melbourne Rebels and unfortunately we did make it into the final but overall I loved playing my first Super Rugby season in Australia.

Super Rugby is one of the fast pace game and I guess it’s similar to how we Fijians play” said Lomani.


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