Four people were arrested last night for breaching curfew hours whereas there were nil reports of social gathering breach.  

Two cases were recorded in the South while the North and West recorded one case each.

While the decrease in the number of social gathering breach was anticipated due to the relaxation of restrictions, Fijians cannot however be complacent and resort back to potential life threatening habits if not careful.

Physical distancing and avoiding the sharing of bilos and glasses during any social gathering is still being emphasized, and again, if you dont need to leave your home, please do the right thing, and stay home.

More police officers will also be pushed forward to our jetties and wharves to ensure compliance of restriction measures to avoid overcrowding which was witnessed last night in Suva.

Police were present, however a sudden heavy downpour that occurred while boarding was taking place led to the sudden rush for shelter inside the boat.

Police are also calling on shipping operators to assist ongoing efforts by implementing measures that will ensure their passengers or those utilizing their services are able to maintain physical distancing.

Police will continue to work with officials from the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji and Fiji Ports to ensure all measures are adhered to and continue to call on every individual to also take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

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