Mid-career managers and professionals from different backgrounds participated in a specialised Leadership and Personal Development Training organised by the Fiji National University’s (FNU), Alumni Relations Office.

The one-day workshop, which was held at FNU’s Nabua Campus, was facilitated by Ana Laqeretabua, a John Maxwell certified speaker, coach and trainer.

FNU Acting Alumni Relations Manager, Sharon Chand, said the workshop aimed to provide FNU alumni with a platform to strengthen managerial and leadership skills and network with professionals from other sectors.

“This is essential, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, which has made the job market even more competitive,” Chand said.“We also extended it to non-alumni participants as part of our community development initiative.”

“We had a strong response from participants during registration and so far, we have had excellent reviews following the workshop.”“

We are planning similar workshops for next year in Suva and Nadi.”Participant, BSP Life Marketing Manager Akuila Rawaqa, said he registered for the workshop with the aim to learn more about leadership and apply this in his career.

“Following the workshop, I was able to gauge where I was on the leadership level and understand and know my mindset,” Rawaqa said.

“I also learnt how to relate and communicate with people who may have issues.”“This will definitely help me to be a better leader at work and as I progress throughout my career.”

Munro Leys Legal Administrator Lisa Rigamoto added that she was able to reflect and understand herself personally and professionally.

“This workshop was beneficial as I learnt to understand myself, which is important so that you also understand others and why people are the way they are,” she said.

Rigamoto, who does legal administration work for intellectual property in Fiji and other Pacific Island countries, said she was now more capable of handling difficult situations.

Licensed stockbroker Neezarat Ali highlighted that a key factor she learnt was being patient while her colleague Raghni Khatri, a Stockbroker Manager touched on the importance of communication.

“When you are dealing with people of different personalities, you need to have a more open and patient approach,” Ali said.

Senior Systems Analyst at Asco Motors, Nileshni Pratika Prasad, added that she would apply the strategies she learnt when interacting with team members.

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