More than 800 Fiji National University (FNU) students have registered for the ‘Flexible fee payment option’ which enables students to pursue their academic aspirations. 

FNU management introduced the flexible payment option for students, keeping in mind that some may face cash flow issues due to the economic impact caused by COVID-19. 

“The University understands that many people have been affected by the global pandemic. We know that many of our students have been impacted as well.

To ensure that students studies and aspirations are not affected, the University has introduced the flexible fee payment system and we are happy to see that many students have registered for this service,” said Nilesh Prasad, FNU’s Director Finance. Students enter into a payment plan with the University’s Division of Finance which enables the payment of fee in agreed instalments. 

“For students who were unable to pay their fees during the first half of the year, we have given them time till December to clear their dues,” added Prasad. FNU also allows students, who have not fully paid fees for Semester 1 to continue their studies in Semester 2 once they register for the payment plan. 

“The University understands that it’s important for students to complete their studies within the specified programme duration.  The University is trying to assist the students in all possible ways it can,” said Prasad. 

Furthermore, FNU has removed late enrolment or late penalty on fee payment. “We have been receiving positive responses from our students.  For most of them, this option was much needed.

The flexible fee payment option is for all FNU students across Fiji,” he said. Second-year Bachelor of Commerce student Mihal Pritvish is one of the many students who has been granted an extension for payment of the fee. Showing his gratitude Pritvish said the new fee arrangement has reduced the stress of meeting fee payment deadlines and has allowed him to focus on his studies. 

“I am enrolled for three units and right now doing monthly instalments so that my studies are not affected and I could finish my payment before sitting for the final examination,” he mentioned. 

“This is a very great approach by FNU to assist students like me.  I would like to also request the students if they can pay their fee, given the extra time that has been provided to us,” said Pritvish. 

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