Fiji National University (FNU) academic Bhagwanji Bhindi recently launched three books conveying his thoughts and views on various subjects and issues of life.Bhagwanji Bhindi, a lecturer in the School of Communication, Language & Literature, College of Humanities and Education (CHE) said he was honoured to have the books – Journey of Reasons, Aspirations of a Limitless Mind Seeking Endless Possibilities and Horizons from the Edge: Depths of Emotional Flight and Descent – launched by the Dean CHE, Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba in the presence of his family, colleagues and students.“Writing is an adventurous and learning endeavour full of enlightenment, knowledge and development,” Bhindi said.

Journey of Reasons covers a whole range of themes and issues that are relevant: the articles are on education, value-based education, leadership, sustainable development, teachers, reading and library, qualities of good students, mother tongue langue and study skills.

The book also contains a few poems.”“The poems in Horizons from the Edge: Depths of Emotional Flight and Descent explore a variety of themes and emotions ranging from love, mystery, failure and success, separation, the journey of life, values, entertainment, emotions, dreams, memories, leadership, happiness, addiction, time, money, truth and lies, human relationships and life.”

“In Aspirations of a Limitless Mind Seeking Endless Possibilities, the poems highlight themes ranging from life, values, freedom, success, happiness, sacrifice, love, hope, loss, criticism, desire, guilt, jealousy, human nature and life.”

Bhindi said poetry was an imaginative awareness of experiences that are expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices.“It provides a great way to reinvent, reflect, re-examine and understand our feelings.”

He acknowledged those who wrote the foreword for each of his three books and his family for their contribution.

“My profound thanks to Dr Vishal Bhindi, my son, for crafting an impressive cover design for all three books and helped me get them printed. My wife, Maharaj Kumari Bhindi also did the illustrations in the books and has been the tower of strength and inspiration for me,” said Bhindi.

He emphasised that every person should write something, as it helped in critical thinking, creating joy and happiness, easing pain, spreading important and life-changing messages. 

“Writing could also help in solving some problems and difficulties in life and may change the life of a person.” 

Dean CHE, Professor Nabobo-Baba, said she was proud of the work Bhagwanji Bhindi has produced over the years and encouraged everyone to continue pursuing and producing work in their fields of interest such as humanities, education, creative arts and language and literature.Poems from Bhindi’s three books were read by colleagues and his students during the launch.

The books can be bought from the author, Bhagwanji Bhindi. His email is and or phone 9968984 for details.

Last month, Bhindi was amongst five distinguished academics at FNU who were rewarded with Teaching Excellence Awards following their outstanding performance in academia.

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