The Fiji National
Rugby League will soon launch its new ‘Fiji Bati Network’ or the ‘Bati
Brotherhood Network’- a Non-Profit organisation with a sustainable business
model like no other in the Pacific.

The Network in
partnership with FNRL is establishing a Fiji Bati Welfare support framework for
current and former players.

The Fiji Bati Network
will consult with the NRL Rugby Players Association in looking at establishing
a simple model for Fiji Bati Players who are current and former players.

The partnership aims
to provide a support network for current and former Fiji Bati players in their
development needs, establishing and maintaining a historical database of all
players; and creating events in bringing together the Fiji Bati fraternity
using a business model to create sustainable membership framework.

The partnership creates a support framework for aspiring Fiji Bati Players via scholarships for education and connection to NRL clubs in Australia and NZ Creating connections across the world.

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