Members are advised that all FNPF dealings must be undertaken only through Fund branches & agencies Fiji-wide and on our official social media platforms.

FNPF have NO agents working on their behalf.

They also will NOT entertain any third party representation.

The Fund is aware that some individuals may use the COVID-19 Withdrawal scheme as an opportunity to obtain financial advantage over our members. We urge our members to be cautious and advise that you should not be paying for any unofficial FNPF service.

All our staff carry FNPF Staff ID Cards which must be produced upon demand.

FNPF have also been made aware of individuals that are selling FNPF forms. FNPF forms are not for sale and can be accessed at any of our offices, or on our website.
The Fund will take legal action over any individual that is found in breach of the issues highlighted in this post.

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