Fiji National Provident Fund members living in areas that have been declared worst affected by Tropical Cyclone Yasa would be able to access their funds for natural disaster rehabilitation purposes.

The FNPF Board in its meeting yesterday approved a maximum of $2,000 per household, which could be withdrawn for TC Yasa relief assistance.

This withdrawal will be accessed from the members’ general
account with $100 being the minimum withdrawal amount.

The Fund’s inspection teams have been deployed to Vanua Levu and Taveuni and have started visiting the affected areas today (Tuesday 22 Dec).
The team’s schedule will be publicised daily in the newspapers and broadcast on radio.

It will also be disseminated on the Fund’s social media sites.
Chief executive officer Jaoji Koroi said the Fund is aware of members’ need to access funds for immediate relief and this is being enabled through on-site assessment and submission of applications.

“The devastation caused by TC Yasa is becoming clearer with the assessments that are underway and the Fund is activating the natural disaster relief to allow affected to apply for withdrawal,” said Mr. Koroi.
The TC Yasa Relief is for damage to homes and excludes damage to farms and livestock.
“The Fund’s teams are currently in Vanua Levu and are out in specific areas in Bua and Macuata today and
we encourage members to listen out for the team’s schedule.”
“Like past natural disaster relief, members will only be accessing their general account for this relief. If the
amount is not sufficient due to the extent of the damage or destruction, then members can always apply
for our Housing Assistance”, Mr Koroi adds.
The Fund’s teams will check members’ eligibility on site before issuing the forms. Members in rural
communities need to provide a valid photo ID, their bank account details, in addition to the approval of the
village headman and advisory councillors. Those living in urban areas will need to provide a utility bill as
proof of residence, in addition to their ID and bank account details.
Members are reminded that FNPF savings are for retirement and accessing their funds during difficult
times, should be based on genuine need.
“We fully empathize with our members who have suffered during TC Yasa and hope this assistance would
provide relief.”
The TC Yasa relief forms are only being distributed by the teams and are not available at FNPF offices.
Only members living in the affected areas will be assisted.

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