FMF Foods Limited is pleased to announce that it has officially engaged the International Finance Corporation’s advisory services in building a resilient and respectful workplace.

The signing took place on 4th of March under IFC’s “Supporting Resilient and Respectful Workplaces in Fiji” program.

This engagement forms part of a broader scope of work by IFC to improve private sector employment opportunities for women in Fiji and coincides well with the celebration of International Women’s Day.’

FMF and IFC will collaborate over the next 6 months to diagnose FMF’s current policies and practices related to Respectful Workplaces, undertake surveys, interviews, and discussions with FMF staff in relation to the work environment.

An important aspect that FMF is looking forward to is the development of the gender action plan with IFC.

The IFC will facilitate a Resilience for Success workshop with FMF’s management and produce a “Tabu Soro” business resilience case study which will showcase FMF’s innovative approaches in building a resilient and respectful workplace during COVID-19.

FMF embarked on this journey after the IFC presented research that stated that one in three women globally are affected by gender-based violence and harassment. It not only has unfortunate consequences for families and communities but does also affect the business’ bottom line.

As per the IFC research it increases health and safety risks, reduces employee engagement and productivity, increases absenteeism
and turnover of employees.

FMF has an existing support system for the FMF workforce that experience such hardship. The company also practices zero tolerance on workplace bullying and harassment.

The research provides a deeper understanding of the subject with the idea to strengthen existing framework at FMF.

Since its inception in 1973, FMF has been blessed with an immense workforce contributing significantly to the economy. We believe a respectful and resilient working environment is necessary for success while
operating in an uncertain global environment.

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