Major drainage and flood mitigation works in the Nasivi River has been undertaken by the Ministry of Waterways and Environment in efforts to safeguard communities from floods. 

The Flood mitigation project undertaken by the Ministry of Waterways and Environment completed at a cost of $6680.00 included the clearing of the debris from the river, Tavua Bailey Bridge and Tavua FSC Tramline Bridge.

The Minister for Waterways, Environment and Agriculture Hon Dr. Mahendra Reddy highlighted the importance of Building resilience to climate change-induced waterways hazards through the provision of flood mitigation projects by the Ministry. 

Minister Reddy reiterated that future waterways hazards such as flood events could be more frequent and severe and this project is designed to increase the adaptive capacity of all Fijians to waterways related hazards. 

Dr. Reddy added that the work done is for the betterment of communities, Tavua Town and other low lying areas adjacent to the river during the rainy season.       

He further added that this would also allow farmers and the communities to have clean and safe access to water for farming purposes either for irrigation or livestock farming. 

He said the project will also avoid the infrastructural damage caused by the debris during the floods. 

Dr. Reddy stated that they will continue to be vigilant in clearing the waterways so that it is able to have the capacity to discharge water to its full capacity and thus the adjacent infrastructure and communities are not affected negatively. 

Meanwhile Mata ni Tikina for Tavua village Mr Filimoni Caucau acknowledged the work done by the Ministry of Waterways while approaching the flooding season.  

“This was very much needed by the people of Tavua as we are approaching the flooding season, and often the low lying areas get flooded quickly because of the debris and silt which block the water flow in the river,” he said. 

Mr Caucau said the activity undertaken by the Ministry of Waterways would benefit the whole of Tavua town, Tavua village and other low lying areas.

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