The Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services is advising passengers who travelled on FJ360 from Singapore to Nadi on Sunday 22 March that they are not required to call the toll-free COVID-19 help line to register their details.

Social media posts requesting passengers to call the help
line were not issued nor endorsed by the Ministry.

Passengers on the flight are required to observe the 14
days of self-quarantine and are assured that their contact information is with
the Ministry and they will be visited by the Quarantine Enforcement Team.

The Ministry reassures the public that Contact Tracing
Teams are monitoring Fijians who have been in direct contact with the recently
confirmed cases and the third individual who travelled on flight FJ360.

If any FJ360 passenger is experiencing the symptoms of
COVID-19, only then are they required to call 158 for assistance.  

The Fijian Ministry of Health calls on all Fijians to
follow protocols for personal protection from catching and spreading COVID-19
and also observe the lockdowns and curfews.

the public can call 158 for all COVID-19 related queries and concerns. 
The helpline is open 24 hours, seven days a week for the duration of the
COVID-19 response. Trained staff will be managing calls at the call centre.

Fijians living abroad wishing to enquire about the Fijian COVID-19 response,
the number to call is  +679 9902158. This is a charged service.

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