Fishing is allowed during curfew hours and the public is requested to contact their nearest Fisheries Service
Centre should they need further clarification and advice.

Licensed fishermen are sternly reminded to fish only in iqoliqoli areas
or fishing grounds that are clearly specified on their licences.

The Ministry of Fisheries wishes to reiterate the need for co-operation
during these challenging times and for fishermen to please respect the various
commodity bans that are still in place.

Director Fisheries, Ms Mere Lakeba says that they will be working
closely with the Fiji Navy and the Fiji Police Force in the monitoring of all
fishing activities occurring in Fiji waters.

“Fishermen are advised to also leave their home ports well-before curfew
hours and must take note that the exemption to curfew restrictions only applies
whilst out at sea. Those caught on land during the curfew period will face the
full brunt of the law,” said Ms Lakeba.

Meanwhile, fishermen in Lautoka are currently issued with special
fishing passes before they travel out to sea and stringent measures have also
been placed to ensure that they practice social distancing, well informed on
preventative measures and undergo thorough screening processes before being
allowed to go out fishing.

The Maritime and Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF)
has also issued instructions stating that a maximum of three passengers
including boat captain will be allowed in small crafts whether they are
traveling to and from the main land for provisioning or for fishing related

For further information, please contact the
Ministry of Fisheries on short code 5351.

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