The first female officer that was appointed as the Officer in Charge of the Criminal Office had finally retired from the organization.

Former Assistant Superintendent of Police Ana Waqabaca was accorded with a special treat at the Police Forensics Unit in Nasova this week following years of sacrifices and hard work.

The mother of two who holds for nine years the rank of Inspector was promoted to Assistant Superintendent as Manager Forensics from 2018 until her retirement.

Originally from Tunuloa in Cakaudrouve, the former ASP was first posted to Totogo Police Station in 1987 following recruitment and remained serving in the Criminal Records Office until 1990.

She was one of the three officers certified Fingerprint Experts for the organization during her tenure and began her training as a fingerprint technician in 1994.

Not only that as she also completed an advanced Forensic Science and Computer program in India way back in 2005 before attending the International Symposium on Forensic Science in Australia in 2008.

The former ASP was also a member of the Crime Scene Investigators Association conference in Australia in 2016 and will be also remembered as the longest-serving executive of the Fiji Police Credit Union.

Mrs. Waqabaca during her years of services awarded the Republic Service Medal, Long Services medal, and the Fiji Police medal.

According to her, retirement is a celebration of old memories and new beginnings, something that she shares after spending twenty- two years in the Force.

An exemplary leader who feels and displays passion and enthusiasm for the role and the general-purpose to which her leadership is directed, and one who leads as figures of trust and reliability.

The organization acknowledges her contribution in years of service and wishing her the best of luck in her retirement.

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