The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has received a donation of Media and Training equipment from Live and Learn with high specifications to assist the office on preparedness and response for natural disasters.  

The equipment was presented to the Director for NDMO, Ms. Vasiti Soko by the Programs Director-Pacific, Humanitarian Coordinator Fiji for Live and Learn, Ms. Doris Susau.  

“This is such a crucial time and this assistance from Live and Learn will allow our officers to create more quality content and increase awareness on preparedness and response” said the NDMO Director, Vasiti Soko.

“This is a huge boost to our Media Unit which will allow us to tell stories of the impact of our preparedness programs and awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction across the country” the Director added.  

Soko thanked Live and Learn and the Australian Government for its continued support in the areas of building capacity and national partners to understand and effectively address the consequences of and responses to climate-related hazards.  

“On behalf of the local Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) partners, we wish to acknowledge the partnership that we have with the Fijian Government and in particular the NDMO” said Ms. Susau.

“In order for our communities and for our institutions of Government to be prepared for disasters, one of the key areas is around training the divisional and district Emergency Operations Centres members as well as capturing the success stories from the recipient of this training” added Ms. Susau.  

The total cost of the media equipment is $21,000 and with about $6,000 for training equipment and $6,000 for the Personal Protective equipment for COVID-19 response.

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