The Fiji Roads Authority is undertaking a Road Rehabilitation Programme through the Division that focuses on forming new roads that will then be properly maintained.

FRA CEO Jonathan Moore says residents and road-users, particularly around the Central Division, will no doubt have seen the increase of potholes in the roads following the recent heavy rains however continuing to fix those potholes is not the solution.

These roads have deteriorated further, says Moore as the teams have had less opportunities to conduct repair works on the ground.
“If you look at places like Princess Road and FNU, where we rehabilitated the road last year, there is not a mark on the road. It is still in great condition and that is the benefit of a newly sealed road.”

The only way to significantly reduce the number and frequency of potholes is to reconstruct or rehabilitate whole sections of roads and then properly maintain them.

“Rehabilitation are a lot more costly than the pothole repairs but the durability is many times more.”

Starting from Monday next week, a few of these rehabilitation works will begin in the most affected areas.

Over the next 2 years, FRA is planning to expand rehabilitation works to cover 15 major roads within Suva and long sections, totaling almost 100km of Queens Road and Kings Road.

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