Over the years, human activities have affected the quality of water.

Permanent Secretary, Joshua Wycliffe,says Fiji’s Ridge to Reef Project will focus on testing and enhancing integrated management of a series of forested watersheds to protect land, water, forest and biodiversity resources.

“Fiji is an independent island State comprised of over 300 islands, and home to over 850,000 people – one of  the most populated in the South Pacific. These islands form a complex group of high islands of volcanic origin, along with reefs, atolls, sand cays and raised coral islands, and rich biodiversity.”

The Fiji Ridge-to-Reef project was developed with the intention to maintain and enhance Fiji’s ecosystem goods and services through integrated approaches to land, water, forest, biodiversity and coastal resource management.

The project aims to contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience.

” Six focus catchment areas were designated under this project. In Viti Levu, they are the Waidina and Rewa River for the Central division, the Ba River and Tuva River in the Western division, and over in the Northern division, in Vanua Levu, those will be the Labasa River, Tunuloa River and the Vunivia catchments.”

80 percent of all pollution in seas and oceans, are from the land.

Fiji R2R project contributes directly to the Sustainable Development Goals 14 focusing on life below water, the project assists protected areas of freshwater and marine resource management actions.

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