In an effort to provide people quality service, the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service has launched its Taxpayer Online Services Portal.

This will bring about convenience, efficiency, and transparency in tax administration, making it easy for taxpayers to comply.

The rollout of the new tax system means that customers can now access all sorts of useful tax information and take control of their very own tax affairs.
However, to access these online services, people will need to register with Fiji Revenue and Custom Services and obtain a one-time code.
The One-time Login Code is a unique code issued by FRCS to an existing taxpayer to be used along with their TIN when carrying out the Sign Up process.
The code is only issued after FRCS Verifies the Identity.
The code provides an additional layer of security ensuring that the combination of TIN and One-time Login Code matches.
FRCS has urged people to keep their One-time Login Code confidential and avoid share this with anyone before the actual sign up.

FRCS has advised people that if they have not obtained their One-time Login Code, please visit the nearest FRCS office and present a valid photo identification card and collect your code.

The form can also be accessed on the FRCS website.

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