The Fiji Public Trustee Corporation (Pte) Limited (FPTCL) presented a $15,000 cheque to the Chanel Home of Compassion,.

The payout was on behalf the late Ms Joyce Danrai-jie Heeraman’s estate.
FPTCL Chief Executive Officer Atonio Takala said this was the second payout on behalf of Ms Heeraman’s estate to the Chanel Home of Compassion.

Mr Takala commended Joyce for having the foresight to include charitable organisations like the Home of Compassion in her Will as part of estate plan and gifting them generously.

Joyce Heeraman was originally from Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean, came to Fiji as a teacher back in the 1970s. In 1991 she joined the University of the South Pacific as a lecturer.

Ms Heeraman lost her battle against cancer in 2018.

“At FPTCL we carry out estates administration and when our clients appoint us as executors or administrators, we ensure that it is done to be the best of our ability. Our clients trust us.

Our primary role is to ensure that we carry out the final wishes of our clients in their Will.

While end of-life planning may seem morbid, a Will is important and an estate plan can protect you, your assets and especially your family not just after you die, but during your life as well.”

Mr Takala said people tend to think of having a Will or an estate plan as something done when they have passed-on.

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