The Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association (FHTA) has been
closely liaising with the

Ministry of Tourism and tourism industry stakeholders to
carefully monitor the Coronavirus’ current and potential impact on visitor
arrivals from China and other countries as the virus moves out of Asia.

FHTA members, along with industry stakeholders are working
together to support travellers affected by the Chinese Government suspension of
outbound group travel by allowing flexibility with rebookings with no fees to
be applied subject to specific travel conditions.

The Association is maintaining its communication channels
with tourism industry businesses and suppliers and is providing guidance and
assistance where required, including reminders on safe hygiene practices and
recommended reporting of any suspicious cases.

FHTA is aware that the Government is working on
strengthening Fiji’s border security and strongly recommends that this includes
thermal inbound screening processes for all inbound flights to ensure we
maintain a consistent vigilance on this medical emergency from all possible

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