The Fiji Football Association has analysed close to 400 applications for assistance from
players and officials during its COVID-19 and TC Harold survey.

Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel confirmed that they had
gone through each application thoroughly.

“We have analysed the applications. There are some
extreme cases whereby football seemed to be the only form of income earned
while there are many other moderate cases,” Patel said.

“Our team has worked hard to survey and see the extent of the effect of COVID-19
and STC Harold on football players and officials in the country,”

 “I believe Fiji
FA has a duty and responsibility to reach out and assist the needs of the
football family who are affected by the current health crisis and by Tropical
Cyclone Harold that recently had a major impact in Fiji,” said Patel

understand that each district association
will face their own unique challenges and we want to do everything necessary to
provide them with support.”

Patel said Fiji FA was fortunate to apply for the
funding approved by OFC Solidarity Fund.

“We will submit our application the OFC and FFA for
the fund and I urge those who have filled their application to be patience and
we will get back to them soon.

Solidarity Fund has been developed in order to support staff, volunteers,
players, coaches, referees and the wider football community across Oceania
during this difficult time.

The grant,
which is part of the OFC FIFA FORWARD funding, has been designed to cover four
key areas, including food and hygiene packets, loss of income, medical
allowances and self-isolation costs.

In addition,
the OFC Solidarity Fund will also provide assistance to those countries that
were directly affected by the Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Harold during this

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