The Fiji Council of Churches (FCC) is asking for all stakeholders, to work together in curbing the crime rate in the country.
Sexual abuse, violence in homes and schools, the use of drugs, and the attacks on law enforcement officers – are some of the recent issues, that have raised the concerns of the council.
FCC President – Rev. Tevita Nawadra, emphasises on the importance of working together, and having a collective voice in combating crime. 
Working hand in hand to decrease the number of criminal activities reported to police is vital.
This was the view of the President of the Fiji council of churches, as crime is now posing a significant societal problem.
According to Nawadra, the onus lies with every individual family that is responsible with the upbringing of any child or person.
He has called on all stakeholders to have a shared and a mutual approach in their action against crime in the country.
Steps have also been by Police, city and town councils through the director of local government to find long term solutions that can effectively keep crime trends down.
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